Webinar Series

Perfecting Every Point Of Contact

There’s no room for error when it comes to customer satisfaction. That means retailers must pay attention to every point of contact with shoppers during their research and purchase process. The 2018 Connected Consumer Webinar series will help you perfect each important point of contact with your target shoppers, highlighting innovative solutions and strategies, as well as real-world success stories.

You can be part of this important weeklong event in March by sharing your insights and connecting with retail executives looking for the best ways to build a strong future.

By signing on early, you’ll be able to influence the direction and format of the series. Contact your sales rep today to find out how to join this important event.

The series is set up to drive thoughtful decision-making across the customer journey. Suggested topics and focus areas include:

Analytics: How Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics Are Shifting Retail Strategies

Inventory: Last Mile Fail Sales In Fulfillment And Logistics

Pricing: Pros and Cons of Consistent vs. Personalized Tactics

Workforce Engagement: Making The First Physical Point Of Shopper Contact A Positive Experience

Marketing I: Maximizing The Potential Of Location-Based Strategies

Marketing II: How To Engage Communities and Influencers

Personalization: Getting Closer To The One-To-One Apex

Mobile: Infusing Intelligence Into Promotions & Communications

In-Store Innovations: Integrating AI Into Store Ops

IoT: Have Retailers Caught Up To Consumers?

Visual Commerce: Next-Gen Visual Strategies

Payment: Payment Regroup: EMV, One-Click, VR Capabilities

Two week-long web conference series hosted and moderated by Retail TouchPoints, focusing on a different facet of the consumer cycle each day. Last year’s events were a huge success and anticipate drawing in more than 1,000 registrants each year per series.

Series Information:
  • Each session will be exclusive to one sponsor.
  • Shared lead pool. You will receive the combined leads for your session and the full registration list.
  • Logo inclusion on a banner ad on the RTP site & joint promotional page.
  • MP4 file of the webcast to host on your site and promote to your audience.
  • Opportunity to submit guest blog post on the RTP Blog.
  • Social Media Exposure — promotion through our social media channels including LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

Investment starting at: $15,000 net per series

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Looking to increase your thought leadership, drive new leads, and nurture existing ones? Then a custom webinar with Retail TouchPoints may be just what you need. As part of our comprehensive turnkey program, RTP will host, moderate, promote and capture registrants, attendees and on-demand viewers.

In 2017, in addition to our two week-long webinar series in March and September, Retail TouchPoints will produce one custom webinar per month. In all cases these webinars provide education and thought leadership that aligns with the editorial direction of Retail TouchPoints. These webinars need to provide a value to our readers, so they are not product pitches or demos. Our readers want to learn from the challenges that their peers are facing and how they could address those challenges or what is on the horizon for the industry. Suggested speakers include retail executives presenting case studies and/or independent analysts.

Our webinars are set for 30 minutes (presentation) and 10 to 15 minutes of Q&A. We utilize the ON24 platform, and to accommodate speakers’ schedules, all sessions are pre-recorded. The formats we offer include.:

  • RTP moderates, facilitates Q&A
  • Sponsor present along with a retailer or analyst present
  • Custom brief to follow for additional promotion and downloads
  • Social Power Poll on Topic Leading in to Event
  • Sponsor logo on all promotions
  • Sponsor “About Us” slide at the end
  • Opportunity to include up to 5 assets in the Resource widget
  • Sponsor gets contact information of those who register, attend and view on-demand.
  • Report includes any assets the attendee downloaded and any questions they asked.
  • MP4 file of the webinar
  • Poll questions are optional
  • If a retailer presents on the webinar: 150 registrant goal
  • No retailer or industry expert/analyst on the webinar, no registrant guarantee
  • RTP will develop a 2-3 page brief based on the content presented in the webcast – RTP will write and design in the RTP Webinar Brief template
  • RTP will promote the approved asset for 2 months
  • Sponsors to receive the contact information of those who download the asset for 2-months
  • Sponsor owns the asset
  • Investment starting at $17,500
  • Email invitations to our subscribers
  • Custom landing page & listing in the RTP Resource Center
  • Ads within our weekly newsletter
  • Social Promotion
  • SlideShare –with your approval we’ll promote the final deck on SlideShare post-event, and capture contact info of those who download (Basic data- Name, Company, Email)

With all options RTP will provide sponsors with an HTML evite to promote their session to their database. These webinars are a great addition to your lead nurture campaigns and a great way to touch your prospects with a third-party event that will provide them with valuable insights.

Each webinar will be SIMULIVE (recorded ahead of live date).

Broadcast dates will be the 3rd Wednesday of every month.

  • January 25
  • February 15
  • March (CCS) 13th-17th
  • April 19
  • May 24
  • June 21
  • July 19
  • August 23
  • September (RSP) 18th-22nd
  • October 18
  • November 15
  • December 13

Total webinar inventory for 2017 will be a max of 30.

Investment starting at $15,000 net

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